In 1952, the Cherokee Historical Association opened the Oconaluftee Indian Village, a recreated Cherokee village set in the 1750s. Today, visitors take a tour with a Cherokee guide, dressed in period clothing. Traditional Cherokee crafts like beadwork, pottery, weapon-making, basketry, finger-weaving, canoe-making, and woodcarving are demonstrated by some of the best Cherokee artisans. The guide also explains different styles of Cherokee homes, including the original homes and a sweat house. Presentations about Cherokee dances, government, language, and culture are given on a mock ceremonial ground and inside a recreated seven-sided council house, and visitors can learn more about Cherokee herbal remedies by taking a stroll through the botanical garden.


Oconaluftee Village Interviews

Oconaluftee Village

Oconoluftee Village DHM from Digital Heritage {dot} Org on Vimeo.

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